Support Small Business First

I read with dismay about the eventual demise of the likes of Best Buy due to increased competition from Amazon, etc. It’s a self inflicted wound that we are bringing down on ourselves with the loss of jobs, taxes and convenience that having local stores and businesses bring. There was an article today on how retailers have created monsters in shoppers that will not even buy products unless they are heavily discounted – everything from shoes, clothes, home goods and electronics. On top of that they want free shipping. We are all connected and the increase in job losses that this attitude surely brings will impact every industry and our overall quality of life.

The web for each small to medium business in each area is complex. The landlord loses the tenant and rent, the town loses tax revenues – property, sales and employment. The staff no longer have jobs and as a result impact their landlords, mortgage holders, etc. They reduce spending which impacts local stores and services. The businesses that serviced the facility , plumbers, cleaners, utilities, etc., suffer as well and they in turn impact their staff, creditors and suppliers.

Amazon and the likes are run on technology. As demand increases, they add technology to expand – they don’t necessarily add headcount and they don’t add value to areas that they don’t have facilities in.

This isn’t their problem – it’s we the consumer that wasn’t prepared to pay that little extra to support home made products and shipped our jobs abroad. Now we go into local stores and small business websites to check out products and prices – then go to the big online players to buy for a few dollars less.

Small businesses are the backbone of countries. We want to grow our businesses and to do that need to hire people and purchase more from our suppliers. We need printing, furniture, supplies, office cleaning, and contractors. Small businesses need local banks, insurance and utilities. We go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our towns. We book hotels, rent cars and buy food in the places we visit on business. Server farms don’t.

Support small business.