So much for metals detectors

plastic razor

At the club and an advert comes on the tv attached to the treadmill advertising a knife sharper that can turn a credit card into a razor sharp knife. It’s already logged on the security websites that there are plenty of plastic knives and razor blades out there but do you have to advertise the fact that you can sharpen a credit card into a weapon on national television?

Holiday Security Tips #1

If you travel for the holidays and normally end up using family and friend’s PC/laptops to check email, pay bills, etc. – beware! You have no idea what resides on that system. It could be infected with a virus or key stroke logger. If you send an email or connect to work, you could be opening up others to viruses lurking within. If at all possible utilize a secure remote desktop or clientless VPN solution (GoToMyPC, Secure Access, etc.) to reduce the likelihood that your data will be exposed to unknown entities.