Cowards hide behind their guns and bombs.

Any lowlife that goes out with the intention of killing and maiming innocent people with no ability to defend themselves is a true coward. You must be so proud killing and injuring children that were only watching a marathon.

The cowards may argue that they are not innocent victims as they are citizens of a evil empire – and as such are guilty by association. What these fools ignore is that the majority of the people in this world don’t agree with their governments. Government buildings worldwide are full of elected morons that couldn’t organize a garage sale if their lives depended on it – case in point  – the USA. The ordinary person has no say in government stupidity – year after year, decade after decade, we continue to elect what floats on the top of the septic tank. Every country of this world is stuck with the scum that rose above the rest. We are all in the same situation – watching as they work to feather their own nests and repay their financial backers. The rest of us can only focus on building the best life we can – only looking for peace, health and happiness.

If you had a pair (which you clearly don’t) – you’d target the government directly – go toe to toe with the police, military or any other heavily armed group – but you don’t – you hide and attack soft targets – not because of the media attention; you’d receive just as much –  it’s because you are too scared to face up to someone who could kill you instead.

Why Seal Your Packages With Tamper Resistant Tape?

ImageNot only does tamper resistant tape help reduce theft from your shipments – it also prevents ‘extra’ items being added into your shipment. It’s not that difficult for someone at the source shipping location, or en route, to add drugs, bomb making materials or other items to a package and have associates intercept the package and remove the items before it travels to its final destination.

If the illegal contents are discovered before it reaches the destination – the legal shipper and receiver are going to have to prove that they had no knowledge of the additional contents. They could find themselves charged and facing hefty legal bills to prove their innocence.

Same rule applies to cargo containers and trucks. Seal them to prevent theft and/or illegal items being added.



"I chase him. I bite him. Bad man.

File photo of police dog graduating from Miami K-9 academy. (Joe Raedle/Getty)

File photo of a police dog (Joe Raedle/Getty)

By Mike Krumboltz

When members of the Crown Prosecution Service in West Midlands, England (responsible for prosecuting criminal cases in England and Wales), asked the police department for a statement from a witness named PC Peach, they were told that would be difficult because Peach, while intelligent, was actually PD Peach—and “PD” stands for “police dog.”

But the CPS continued to insist on hearing from “the witness.” So, one of Peach’s handlers wrote a statement in the character of the dog. The statement reads: “I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.” It was then “signed” with a large black paw print.

Peach 1, CPS 0.

Members of the CPS, however, were apparently not amused by the prank. The U.K.’s Telegraph reports that after a photo of Peach’s statement was posted to various social networks, the CPS complained to the police chief that they were being mocked.

ITV reports the matter is being investigated. However, the officer responsible for posting the statement of the photo is unlikely to get into trouble. Chairman of the West Midlands branch of the Police Federation Ian Edwards said, “It’s a difficult time for police, and sometimes humor is a way of venting frustrations.”

Be found or suffer the consequences

Can first responders find your home day or night? Stunned at the number of rural and city homes that have poor signs or none at all. It has always been pet peeve of mine that some people seem to think that the local emergency services know exactly where they live. They’d probably be the first ones to complain if the police, fire or ambulance was delayed in getting to them.
Those small and/or cool dark numbers may not spoil the look of your building or mailbox – but they are completely useless to a fast-moving emergency vehicle – and just plain stupid for finding your location at night.
Seconds count and having emergency services drive past your location isn’t an option. Get stand out numbers and better still reflective. Take responsibility and have your location clearly marked and stop putting the burden on the first responders.

Procrastination is the thief of time

“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.” Charles Dickens – David Copperfield

It may well take your life or the life of a loved one. Just as putting off medical checkups could cost you everything, waiting for tomorrow to get your backup emergency plan and supplies in place may be equally devastating.

I attended a large car show yesterday where they had a large vendor area for motor-heads. Normally it is not somewhere I would setup a display to talk about such boring matters as safety and security – but the vendor fees went to a center for assisting developmentally challenged adults obtain work skills.

On each side of us were vendors selling old automotive parts and accessories – and I mean old, rusty, nasty stuff, mixed in with some cool signs and memorabilia. Now we weren’t setup to sell products but had iEvac fire smoke escape hoods on display, along with emergency evacuation packs, security seals and information brochures. We may as well have been Scotch Mist (meaning something that is hard to find or doesn’t exist). People were handing over hundreds of dollars in cash for an old rusty garage sign or a box of old tools – but would walk by and look at life saving equipment as though it was the local tax collector.

One gentleman from Florida spoke to us about getting emergency food packs sent to him and I was relaying the example – just as another lady was buying a rusty old store sign for $250!  He told me that even where he lives – bang smack in hurricane central, people will wait for a negative weather report to come in – then run around trying to find essentials – along with the other thousands that waited too late.

The beauty of putting a safety net together is – once done, it only takes a yearly check up or rotation to manage. The iEvac has a self life of five years. The bucket food kits have a storage life of twenty five years.

Signs, furniture and clothes are hard to eat and drink. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


Support Small Business First

I read with dismay about the eventual demise of the likes of Best Buy due to increased competition from Amazon, etc. It’s a self inflicted wound that we are bringing down on ourselves with the loss of jobs, taxes and convenience that having local stores and businesses bring. There was an article today on how retailers have created monsters in shoppers that will not even buy products unless they are heavily discounted – everything from shoes, clothes, home goods and electronics. On top of that they want free shipping. We are all connected and the increase in job losses that this attitude surely brings will impact every industry and our overall quality of life.

The web for each small to medium business in each area is complex. The landlord loses the tenant and rent, the town loses tax revenues – property, sales and employment. The staff no longer have jobs and as a result impact their landlords, mortgage holders, etc. They reduce spending which impacts local stores and services. The businesses that serviced the facility , plumbers, cleaners, utilities, etc., suffer as well and they in turn impact their staff, creditors and suppliers.

Amazon and the likes are run on technology. As demand increases, they add technology to expand – they don’t necessarily add headcount and they don’t add value to areas that they don’t have facilities in.

This isn’t their problem – it’s we the consumer that wasn’t prepared to pay that little extra to support home made products and shipped our jobs abroad. Now we go into local stores and small business websites to check out products and prices – then go to the big online players to buy for a few dollars less.

Small businesses are the backbone of countries. We want to grow our businesses and to do that need to hire people and purchase more from our suppliers. We need printing, furniture, supplies, office cleaning, and contractors. Small businesses need local banks, insurance and utilities. We go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our towns. We book hotels, rent cars and buy food in the places we visit on business. Server farms don’t.

Support small business.