Cowards hide behind their guns and bombs.

Any lowlife that goes out with the intention of killing and maiming innocent people with no ability to defend themselves is a true coward. You must be so proud killing and injuring children that were only watching a marathon.

The cowards may argue that they are not innocent victims as they are citizens of a evil empire – and as such are guilty by association. What these fools ignore is that the majority of the people in this world don’t agree with their governments. Government buildings worldwide are full of elected morons that couldn’t organize a garage sale if their lives depended on it – case in point  – the USA. The ordinary person has no say in government stupidity – year after year, decade after decade, we continue to elect what floats on the top of the septic tank. Every country of this world is stuck with the scum that rose above the rest. We are all in the same situation – watching as they work to feather their own nests and repay their financial backers. The rest of us can only focus on building the best life we can – only looking for peace, health and happiness.

If you had a pair (which you clearly don’t) – you’d target the government directly – go toe to toe with the police, military or any other heavily armed group – but you don’t – you hide and attack soft targets – not because of the media attention; you’d receive just as much –  it’s because you are too scared to face up to someone who could kill you instead.