Guns, Children and Idiots Don’t Mix

There is a place for children and guns when supervised by a competent adult. I learned to shoot as a kid in a controlled environment – even though it was standing in a field with my uncle throwing up old beer cans in the Highlands of Scotland. There were high powered rifles and shotguns lying in the open – that was just the way it was. I carried loaded rifles when out stalking with the shepherds – but again safety was drilled into me with the constant reminder that laziness on my part would result in a smack around the ears. I also knew that if I touched them without permission I would have had my butt kicked up and down the mountain by the adult that caught me. I grew up with a healthy respect for guns and eventually became a marksman in a tactical firearms unit.

That said – the constant death toll of children in the USA dumbfounds me. This report by The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) is incredibly sad. Is it just sheer adult stupidity, laziness – both?

The number of deaths by homicide is not as easily addressed. The sheer number of injuries can be reduced by simple changes in firearm education – as well as how people store and utilize firearms. It’s true that owning a firearm for home protection and then locking it in a safe is the same as owning a fire extinguisher and locking it in a cupboard – you may not have time to get to it when needed.

Tasers and stun guns aren’t on the list of weapons that kill children. If you need to have a weapon around the house have a Taser and/or Stun guns strategically placed for easy access. This gives you a first line of defense and a backup in the event that you need to react quickly. If the kids pull the trigger on a stun gun they’ll at least be around to know not to do that again.

Remember that a Taser gives you distance between an attacker and you – up to fifteen (15) feet. If you were to miss, even with the laser sight, then the front of the Taser becomes a contact weapon. Stun guns require you to literally touch the attacker to work and inflict extreme pain – Taser incapacitates. This is an important distinction. Check out Taser videos for more information.

Lock away the firearms and use a Taser for first response.     .