Holiday Tip #4:

Bank Scams Rise over Holiday Season. Get a system in place to monitor your credit cards and bank accounts in real time.Banks & credit card websites have fraud alerts. Use them and/or Mint ( and Pageonce (

Like most people I don’t have time to constantly check my accounts daily for fraudulent transactions. Your bank and credit companies have alerts that you can easily setup that will inform you of large or suspect transactions. Some will allow you to set an actual amount, e.g. – anything over $50.00 alert me.

Mint and Pageonce are excellent tools for monitoring your spending overall, as well as alerting you to usual activity in your accounts. Your bank and credit card accounts are your first line defense, as they respond to the alert in real time, whereas Mint and Pageonce update from the bank and credit card information, then alert you.

This is even more important for tracking your debit card transactions as they aren’t usually covered for fraudulent activity. If someone gets access to your debit card information and empties your account – you are out of luck and responsible for any fraudulent purchases.