Holiday Tip #2

Staying in a hotel or inn? When out, leave the radio or television playing and put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. This way you are less likely to receive an unwanted visitor when you are out or even worse when you arrive back. If you have valuables that have to be left in the room – don’t hide them in plain sight. For example, place a laptop behind a full length curtain or down the side of a sofa; jewelry, passports between the unused towels in the bathroom (obviously after the room has been serviced). Set a reminder on your smartphone to remind you where you hid items before checking out.

Travel through the main areas and avoid taking shortcuts if at all possible. Many places have entrances where guests can use the room key to enter a side or back door, but the area is usually secluded and not directly monitored.

If you can’t get a parking spot close to the entrance and have to park in a secluded area, request that the front desk monitor as you park and make you way to the entrance. The majority of hotels have security camera covering their own car parks. Another option is to call the front desk and have them on phone as you make your way to the entrance. Remember not to have them holding as you unload and get yourself organized – have them on the phone as you make your way to from the car to the door.